“Long and Winding Road”

Oh my how time flies! My husband Greg and I have now been in Astoria, Oregon for just over 10 months. We bought a home that closed escrow on Greg’s birthday in May and moved in a couple weeks later. What an amazing journey! Let me tell you about it and how the Universe led us to this home we “mocked up” way before we moved here.

We found out in the spring that we needed to be out of our friend’s home by June 1. Whoa! We’d looked at so many homes that were either for sale, abandoned, in foreclosure, or about to be put on the market. We walked and drove the town often, talking to everyone and leaving our information. We finally found a home that was listed with a realtor, but not on MLS yet. We agreed on a price and opened escrow. However, I just couldn’t see us in the home and couldn’t picture where anything was going to go or how we were going to make it all work. It didn’t feel right. Yet, because we needed a place and it was in our price range, we were moving forward. Then one day, as we were getting ready to go out of our basement apartment in our friend’s home, someone knocked on the window. What?! That was completely weird to have someone knock on the basement window. We thought maybe they were looking for our friend. Then we didn’t hear or see anyone. About 15 minute later, Greg heard someone knock again and went out to see who it was. Well! It was a couple who lived in the area that we met last fall and remembered we were looking for a home and where we were living with our friend! They said they lived around the block and the man who owned the home they were renting owned the home next door and was going to put it on the market. They said it had a great view and we should see it. We immediately went up there. We met the owner, walked through the home, and when we walked into the living room and saw the fantastic view of the Columbia River and the Astoria-Megler Bridge, I started to cry. It felt like home. It ticked most the boxes on our list! I could easily picture us in this home, even with it being only 800 square feet. I felt strongly like this was the home for us.  Greg and I told the owner we were really interested bu needed to go talk about it. Greg trusts my intuitive sense, and after a conversation about it, told the owner we wanted it. 

We found out that had it been one day later, we would have lost our good faith money we’d put in escrow on the other home. One day! Also, we’d paid for an appraisal on the other house, but, because the appraiser folks were on vacation, they just transferred the addresses. We’d had an inspection done and asked the same inspector to do this house. He only charged us half cost and we found out this house is very well built. Everything fell into place, or, as my friend says, “the stars aligned”. So true. We’d looked at the tiny house movement over the last few years and even talked about living in a small floating home. We are in an almost tiny house, yet we do have enough room for everything we need and want to have here. We’re in the neighborhood we wanted. We have a view we didn’t know was possible with a home in our price range. We have a quiet and lovely neighborhood with great neighbors. It’s “divine”. The folks who told us about the home had a dinner party after we moved in and most all the neighbors were there for us to meet. We really feel we are home. 

You know, some events take place that we just know are the work of a “higher power”, or whatever you want to call the forces at work. “The stars aligned”, that is for sure. In some spiritual practices it’s said that “our thoughts are prayers”. Well, we put out to the Universe what we wanted in a home in our written “mock up”, and it came about. That’s fact. We voice gratitude each day for our home, this town, our friends, and this glorious view we see each and every day. We are grateful to be home. 

What is it in your life you most want to see come to fruition? How do you voice that to yourself and/or others? 

If you’d like guidance on how to do a Mock Up, please contact me and let’s set an apppointment to get you on your way to seeing what you want come true. It worked for me with finding Greg. We did it about a car we leased and will do it again for our next car, knowing it’s worked every time. Our thoughts are prayers and I know the stars will align for you as well. 

Peace and Love on your Journey


By Robin Rodgers