Celebrating Diversity 

I’m posting these affirmations from Eugene D. Holden, RSCP, posted in Science of Mind magazine. It’s vital that we all keep a positive attitude these days when so much of what we hear around us is so negative. These simple affirmations can be tailored to your own beliefs and can be used way beyond this week. Enjoy! Be grateful! Take care of yourself! 

If you’re interested in knowing more about your life, situation, and getting answers to questions, please contact me and please let me know what you think about these affirmations.

“… I am amazed at how Spirit shows up with the perfect thing to express, share or teach. It is like Spirit is expressing, sharing and teaching me what I need to lease in order to release, accept and/or become the Light and Way-shower of the Divine. I believe we are all called to be the same thing in our own unique way. Because this month’s theme is “Celebrating Diversity,” the first few days focus on that. We then take a deep dive within. Yes, we live in a diverse universe where we are all unique. These guides were written so as to point you in the direction of your Highest Self. Also, in celebrating Black History month, all of the quotes (except those by Dr. Ernest Holmes) are from people of African descent. May you enjoy reading and sharing these guides as much as I have enjoyed being the instrument for them. Life is precious — handle with prayer.”

Note: Feel free to forward these to friends and family who might be interested.

Your Daily Affirmations for the second week of February, 2017

  • I am one with all of life. All of life is one with me. As I stand in this awareness, I allow the fullness of God to express through me and as me unencumbered. Life is good, and I am grateful.
  • I surrender to my highest good. I bring all of me to all that I do. I am the light of God.
  • I live my life boldly. I am the fulfilled vision of God. With courage, grace and ease, I shine my light.
  • I am the Light of God. I am an instrument of the Divine. I am love personified. I am one in God.
  • I surrender to the all good of life. I am united with abundance, clarity and peace of mind. The strength of God is my strength now. For this I am grateful
  • I am the glory of the Most High. Nothing is impossible to me. As I live, move and have my being in God, all that is for my highest good comes to me with grace and ease. I am grateful.
  • I am the love of God. This love surrounds all who appear to be less fortunate. My compassion allows me to see everyone through the eyes of God.

May you feel surrounded by peace, love, and joy.

By Robin Rodgers

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