More “Who Am I”

I met Margaret VanLaanMartin many years ago. She remembers us meeting at a Soroptomists International meeting. She is a psychic medium and has her own center, Age of Aquarius. She does readings, leads groups, and teaches classes. At one point in our relationship, in about 2006, she said I was ready to take her one-year clairvoyant training. I jumped in. It was an amazing year of personal growth along with developing skills and fine-tuning intuitive skills I had. I graduated in 2007. One of the other women in the class and I encouraged Margaret to start a grad group, where graduates of her classes could get together on a regular basis and practice our skills. I’ve been part of the group since it started. Continuing in this group when I can has been important to me. I have become a much stronger psychic from keeping these “muscles” flexible. Thank you Margaret!
Since my graduation, I enriched my skills with classes in Mediumship, Dowsing, Tarot, and have participated in first-of-the-year Prediction Parties. When I lived in the area, I would go out with Margaret and others on “Ghost Busting” trips to homes, businesses or properties to help owners with answers to what unusual phenomena they were experiencing. It’s all been fun and has helped me to be a much more confident psychic. This confidence has carried over into many other areas of my life, from sewing and jewelry making, to standing strong in my beliefs, faith, and abilities. I have a voice and I’m confident to speak up for myself.
Being psychic isn’t something I “do.” It’s what I am, along with all the other parts of what makes me, ME. I’m grateful for the skills I’ve leaned for protecting my energy. I refer to it as “psychic self-defense”. As the years go on, I’m more and more sensitive to energies so working to protect myself is vital to my well-being. The Huffington Post printed a story about living with a highly sensitive person. It’s me. I’d love to know what your thoughts are and answer any questions you might have.

By Robin Rodgers

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