Free Will…or Not?

Tarot is not about revealing a predetermined destiny (news flash: it doesn’t exist). It’s not about lifting ‘curses’ (or meddling with other people’s choices). And it’s not necessarily about gloomy omens or impending doom (most types of doom are delightfully avoidable). Tarot is a tool for confident decision-making, clear communication and timely, decisive action. With each Tarot reading, we can explore the pros + cons of different choices that you might make — creating the best possible plan for the future you want. Ultimately, it’s all about clarity — shining a light through the mental fog so that you can make excellent choices for your relationships, your family, your finances, your business and your quality of life. (From Theresa Reed – The Tarot Lady)

When I first became interested in getting psychic readings, there was an “institute” in town offering classes and trainings, and would often have “fairs” offering readings at special prices. 
I remember one specific visit to one of their fairs for which I need to give a little back story. I was living in Forest Ranch, CA, and drove into Chico each day for work. One day while driving in I felt like there was a large “presence” in the backseat of the car with me. It was a male and another male, smaller in stature was in the front seat. I felt the larger male was the significant energy. His presence was a stronger energy; stronger feeling. I realized that I felt these energies only in the car, and I felt them everyday for months. I started talking to them, acknowledging them, and had a feeling they were angels. These angels are still with me today, present at any time. 
So, I chose to go for a psychic reading at the fair. I sat down across from the woman and the first thing she said, before I said anything but “Hello”, was to ask me if I realized that I had an angel with me? I said “Yes”. She said he was really huge, accompanied by another angel, and she was going to ask them to “step out” as she did the reading because they were a distraction. Well! I nearly fell off my chair when she mentioned them. I had told no one and knew not to say much of anything to a psychic before a reading that could influence how it went. This incident added to my growing belief and understanding of psychic phenomena and psychic readings. 
Yet, what I came to understand more than anything else, was that whatever was said at readings didn’t take away my free will to change anything, go in any direction, etc. Readings are information, guidance, insight, and often suggestions. Over the years I’d see different psychics at fairs or shows. I realized over time that some things came about, and some didn’t. They are not written-in-stone, predetermined actions that will happen to me regardless of what I do. Participation or action with the information I was given or going in completely different directions are completely up to me. I’m holding hands with my future and am, ultimately, the author of the story. In their best moments, psychic readings are powerful tools for reflection, guidance, and positive decision making. The decisions are, however, always, our own. 

By Robin Rodgers

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