Haunted House 

I grew up in Lompoc, California in a home we came to believe was haunted. For some reason, a neighbor told my parents that the previous owners were husband and wife, and the wife committed suicide in the home. The husband was a police officer and his wife shot herself in an upstairs room and died in the hospital three days later. When we moved into the house, my brother was about 7 years old. He was going to have the bedroom next to “the room” upstairs so my parents didn’t want him knowing about the suicide. My sister and I shared a room across from my parents’ room at the other end of the house. The way my mother tells it, we’d been living in the house a short time when my brother came into the kitchen one morning. My mother had her back to him standing at the sink. He said that a woman “came to him in a dream” and told him to ask what happened in the house. My mother said she was completely stunned as no one would have told him anything. My mother said she didn’t tell him much, but he continued to come to her over a period of time asking more and more questions prompted by the woman in his dreams. Over time my mother says she reluctantly told him the story. One morning he came into the kitchen saying the woman told him she wasn’t going to come back anymore because he found out everything she wanted him to know. My brother refuses to talk about this saying he doesn’t remember it. I wonder.
My mother used to listen to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. She was open to the idea of life on other planets, alien visitors, spirits, ghosts… My dad said he didn’t believe in any of it. However, over time, even he said he “saw things” in the house he couldn’t explain, like a boot on the stairs. My mother had an experience that really upset her. She was sleeping and awoke to the feeling of someone standing at the side of the bed. She said all the hair on her arms stood up and it frightened her so much that she got out of bed and ran to the living room where she was up for the rest of the night. There were “cold spots” at times in the house where the temperature was obviously different than just right around that same area. I’m sure many would say, ‘well, it’s an old house, these cold spots are to be expected’. However, when you feel this kind of cold in a house you’ve been living in a long time, well, it’s just different from a draft or something like that.
My personal experiences in that house initiated my sense of my psychic sense that has expanded throughout my life. The strongest memory I have is seeing a “ghost” in my bedroom. I was awakened in the middle of the night when I was around nine years old. Something “said” to look over at my doorway. I turned to see a dark form. It scared me so much that I slept with the light on for two months afterwards. The “voice” wasn’t out loud. It was almost a voice and a feeling mixed together. It’s hard to describe, but it was clear. I felt at the time, and still do, that this ghost was male. I can still see the form in my mind’s eye as if it occurred yesterday. 
When I was about high school age, I had dreams I felt were prophetic. Events in my life clearly related to what I’d dreamt. I recall often being taken aback by events playing out as if I’d already experienced them.

Around age 20, I’d say, I became much more aware of strong intuitive feelings, “gut feelings” to many. I’d feel anxious or eager about doing something or going someplace. I would have feelings about how the day was going to go. Events out of my control seemed to prove out my feelings. Does that make sense? I just had knowingness. That’s about the time I started being really interested in psychics who did readings. I’ll write more about going to psychics in another blog post.

Most of the feelings and experiences we had in our house were creepy. It took some time, study, and continued experiences to realize that not all psychic phenomena are dark and scary. I’ve had many lovely connections with those who have passed on, including my pets. I’ve learned “psychic self defense” to know how to protect myself from negative energies. I’ll be exploring much of this in future blogs and I encourage you to write me, ask questions, tell me about your experiences, and we can explore together. 

By Robin Rodgers

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