Inner Voices

I LOVE how the Universe provides just what we need when it’s needed, if we choose to see it and/or listen. I believe there are no coincidences or “accidents”. Today, once again, was one of those days. 

I start each day with some sort of meditative experience. I follow Christopher Witecki, who is a psychic astrologer, and has “Namaste Today” each weekday. I have decided this is the way to start my days. So, I listened to Christopher, who always provides just what I need to hear for the day and helps me be present and grounded for listening to and coming from my heart. He also provides some laughter, which is always good first thing in the day.

After that lovely time I gave myself, I logged on to Facebook to see what my friends were up to, and there was a friend request awaiting my response. I looked at the woman’s page and accepted. While I was on her page, I came across a Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) with words read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem.  I connected with my guides and angel and took some deep breaths in preparation to watch. The moment I started it I was flooded with tears. I was surprised by this, but I let it flow. I received the message that I was to let go of stress, fears, and perceived control over things in my life. There was such beauty in the piece, and I was reminded that I am so small in the realm of the entire world and universe, yet, I can connect with that energy and be free of worry. I knew I wanted to share this with my partner Greg. I didn’t tell him anything about it, except to breathe and focus. I was emotional all over again. We talked about our experiences after watching it. It was a beautiful thing to share.

He and I are working together on some plans and dreams for our future that have brought up control issues. We realized, after the meditation and sharing about it, that what we can control is how we respond to circumstances. We can’t control the actions of others or their responses. Yet, we really do have control over saying yes or no to what is presented. Realizing this has taken a lot of stress out of it all. The time this morning helped us to remember that we are divinely guided and all will work out as beautifully as other circumstances have for us both. We’ve set intentions together and this morning was a great reminder to trust in what we know to be true and let it flow. It’s a time of real spotlights on our beliefs and issues and we’re willing to look at them. We want to work through them. 

Just a bit ago, I got on a site from an email I received from In her blog post she talked about how moving in the direction of doing her blog and changing things in her life, has changed how people have responded to her, what they’ve said about her ventures, what she’s eating, etc. One sentence really touched me. “We have to ignore the inner voices that limit our potential!” 

Yes! This brought me full circle from the bell chant/meditation, what my fears and stresses have been, to remembering I have control over those inner voices that perpetuate the fear and stress! I can go back to that chant, remind myself of my beliefs, and rid myself of the voices that would keep me frozen in time and stop forward progress. We have many positive tools to use to rid ourselves of those voices. I choose forward progress!

Do you have those inner voices? Do you feel stuck where you are? Do you know why? Are you aware of what you can and can’t control? Or is feeling the need for control over things you can’t, stifling your growth? 

I urge you to find a lovely way to start your day. If you don’t already have something you do, try Christopher Witecki, the Bell Chant, a reading of some sort that grounds you positively, or even some positive affirmations. 

If you’d like more guidance, please contact me. I’m offering a $10 discount on an hour tarot reading. 


By Robin Rodgers

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