Happy Fall! I’ve started watching Christopher Witecki on his site He is a delight and watching him daily, along with my weekly John Edward program as part of Evolve have really been feeding my soul. I am evolving and learning and continue to be nudged in directions of learning more about astrology, energy, and growing as a psychic. 

Today, Christopher Witecki talked about Integrity. I looked up the meaning of integrity to add to what he talked about for my own understanding. Integrity is “the quaility of being honest…the state of being whole and undivided”. This definition was found on Google. There are also the words “sincerity” and “truthfulness”. Christopher posed the questions, “Where is the line of integrity for me?” “Who’s the judge of this integrity?” “Where do I belong?” 

Obviously, because I’m writing about this today, I’ve been moved to dig deeper into myself about the answers to these question. Where is my line? Who is my judge? The judge needs to be myself, not other people or the world. I truly want to live my truth and come from what my heart tells me. I strive for that wholeness and being undivided. I love those words. I strive to be part of what truly reflects who I am. Living from my heart is living with integrity. Christopher also talked about being “compassionate” to myself for the areas I feel I’m out of integrity and make new decisions about what’s OK and what isn’t. Compassion will make it easier to to choose the right path. I can be very hard on myself, which comes from a childhood of feeling that no matter how hard I tried, it just wasn’t quite good enough. It’s part of my path to heal from that and enjoy experiences, knowing that if there isn’t a “perfect” outcome, it’s OK! 

I’ve mentioned paths. It was discussed by Christopher this morning to choose the easiest path. It’s the one that is right. Choose the calm path. Too many times we feel that if the path isn’t hard or full of drama, it isn’t the right way. Wrong! There will always be work to do on ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be full of drama or crisis for it to be the path to take. 

Does what I’ve talked about resonate with you? I encourage you to check out Christopher Witecki and John Edward. Would you like to talk about this further? Please contact me. Do you have questions you’d like further assistance with? Contact me for a tarot reading. Let’s explore together!

Be well. 

By Robin Rodgers

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